PPDS to Launch 32-Inch Version of Philips Tableaux ePaper Display

PPDS, the exclusive provider of Philips-branded professional displays, announced plans to release a 32-inch model of its Philips Tableaux ePaper display, called the Philips Tableaux 5150I.

The Philips Tableaux line uses low-power ePaper technology to create vivid, full-color digital signage without requiring a power source when displaying static images. The 32-inch 5150I model comes after PPDS unveiled a 25-inch version at ISE 2023 earlier this year.

With its zero energy consumption for static content, PPDS is positioning the Tableaux range as a sustainable alternative to paper signage while still providing the versatility of digital displays. The broader ePaper signage market is forecast to reach nearly $43.2 billion by 2030, according to PPDS.