CTouch Has Fun Prototypes

CTouch specialises in large touch displays, and had new models in two lines, as well as several prototypes.

The entry-level units are called Laser, although this is only a brand name – the screens are LCD. 60″ and 70″ units already exist, and an 84″ UltraHD model is being added. It features two HDMI ports and physical control buttons.

An 84″ UltraHD model was also being added to the Ledura line. These step-up models feature OPS slots, three HDMI ports and on-screen controls. Ports are also expanded through a connection box on the side of the unit, which adds HDMI, USB 3.0 (x4), RJ45 and USB-B ports. It will be available in May.

A product drawing a lot of attention was the Mensa table, which uses a 70″ display (1920 x 1080). It is a prototype from CTouch’s R&D labs and the company was using ISE to gather feedback. As well as the traditional uses a touch table can be put to, such as gaming and collaborative working, the Mensa table has amenities like a keyboard tray, port column and cup holder (!), all appearing from the inside of the unit with a button press.

CTouch’s high-end displays are part of the Lexinus line. The company had another 70″ display concept that will eventually join the existing Lexinus units; it shared specifications with the Mensa table, but of course does not feature the pop-out extras! Instead, the display has an OPS slot.