Polish IT Market Sentiment on the Rise

CEE market research company has written about the Q2’15 IT market in Poland. Both 2014 and 2015 have been perceived as positive years for the industry by the country’s largest IT companies – reflected by a rise in PMR’s business climate index. However, limited capital for investments remains a barrier to market growth.

More than half of the surveyed companies indicated a lack of capital, compared to 35% a year ago. An equally important factor limiting growth is ignorance of the benefits of IT investment. This has been a growing problem in the market, indicated by 10% of surveyed companies in 2013 and 26% in 2014. This year, the figure was 49%.

Aside from these barriers, HR and payroll problems were mentioned. For instance, there is a limited pool of skilled employees in the country, and salaries are rising. 20% of companies said that there is ‘intense competition’ in the sector. Only 2% of respondents said that there were no barriers to market growth in Poland.

PMR also discusses ‘corrupt practices’ in the public sector. The firm asked companies about potential changes to the Public Procurement Act, which could minimise such activity (more details can be found at 36% of respondents said that tender procedures should emphasise more than just price. An equal number favoured greater transparency in the process. 7% said that the Act is superfluous, and should be wholly repealed.

At present, PMR’s business climate index of Poland stands at 38.7 points. This reflects a ‘relatively good’ situation throughout the industry, and is 1.4 points higher than last year’s survey.