PMA Research Tracks Best-Selling Projectors in August

PMA Research, the market information specialist on projectors, has posted its most recent results. For more than 25 years, PMA has collected monthly sell-through data from US projector dealers, retailers, web resellers and distributors. Each month, the company reveals the top-five best-selling projectors across three categories. August’s results are as follows:

Home Entertainment Projectors

  1. Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1060
  2. Optoma HD143x
  3. Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2150
  4. BenQ HT2050A
  5. BenQ MH530FHD

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1060.

Mainstream Professional Projectors

  1. Epson PowerLite 107
  2. Epson BrightLink 685Wi
  3. Epson PowerLite X39
  4. Epson PowerLite 108
  5. Epson BrightLink 695Wi

pl107 hero left copyEpson PowerLite 107.

5,000+ Lumen Projectors

  1. Sony VPL-PHZ10
  2. Epson PowerLite 2250U
  3. Hitachi CP-WU5500
  4. NEC NP-P502WL-2
  5. Panasonic PT-RZ570 W/B

c118eb30d1bc30ae543f8e2f19e79d72Sony VPL-PHZ10.