Planar Unveils New LED Video Wall Series

Planar has entered the LED video wall competition with a new series of modules. These are being offered in 1.6, 1.9. 2.5 and 3.1mm pitches.

Planar 1Planar 2

The modules will offer three unique elements. For one, they are the first modules that are designed to mount to a wall. But to facilitate replacement or servicing, Planar has designed a magnetic attachment that allows the LEDs to be separated from the frame. They have magnetic tools to do the z-axis alignment for good planarity and magnetic tools to tighten in position.

Second, they are the only modules that feature off-board electronics that are rack-mounted remotely.

The combination of the above elements enables the third feature: ADA compliance. That means the entire display protrudes less than 4″ from the wall – something no other video wall can do as a permanent installation.

Planar says it will be very competitive on pricing. A wall build with the 1.6mm pitch modules to make a display that is 1920 x 1080 in resolution costs about $250K or $45K per square meter. Moving to a 3.1mm pitch allows a wall of the same size and one the resolution to be obtained for half the price (all the modules are the same size regardless of pixel pitch).

All will be available at the end of July.

We also noticed the modules had a very good black level – even with content on the screen. That’s because of a special coating that is placed on the LEDs, says Planar.

Planar 3