Pegatron Confident About Apple Oders

Pegatron has said it is confident that shipments to Apple in 2015 will not decrease, despite concerns that the company will lose orders to Wistron and Compal Electronics now that they have become additional OEMs for the company.

Wistron and Compal are expected to receive small volume orders from Apple for trials in 2015, as at the moment neither company has the yield rates or efficiency to be able to compete with Pegatron or Foxconn Electronics. 

Pegatron’s proportion of sales for mobile telecom devices, including the iPhone 6, rose from 39% in Q2 of last year to 45% in Q3 and 50% in Q4. The company reported total sales for 2014 of NT$1 trillion ($31.8 billion), up 7.3% from 2013, and saw Q4 sales rise 48.4% year on year to NT$352.5 billion ($11.2 billion).