Pebble Leaves Monochrome Behind With Time Watch

Smartwatch Pioneer Pebble has revealed a new product called the Pebble Time – which, for the first time, features a colour E Ink display. Set to go on sale in May, the Time will cost $200. The display is not touch sensitive, but the watch will last for up to a week on a single charge – and, of course, the screen is always on. The display shows 64 colours and runs at 30fps.

The watch has a microphone for basic voice controls, and – another new feature – an accessory port that can accept ‘smart bands’. These will be produced by third parties and replace half of the original strap, enable additional functionality and new hardware, such as sensors, to be connected to the watch.


We believe that the Pebble Time will have a display similar to that of the second-generation Pebble Steel model (1.2″, 168 x 144), but the company has not confirmed the size or resolution yet. (TA)