Paris Hotel Installs Video Wall for Guests

The Sofitel Paris Baltimore Tour Eiffel Hotel, has installed an experiential video wall to aid tourists and business people. Not only can they can find out about Paris landmarks, but also have access to real-time data, such as the stock market, exchange rates, headlines and a selection of restaurants and shops. The Montreal agency Float4, planned the content on the street-level multi-touch digital video wall. The video wall also transforms into a digital canvas, allowing guests to draw and colour as well as taking selfies with the integrated photo booth feature. All the hotel staff members can manage and update content to share their insights on Paris.

The high-resolution multi-touch video wall was integrated into the historic architecture of the hotel lobby. One of the challenges faced was to conceal all the components of the display behind the installation, which turned out to be a very small area.

The combination of motion tracking, multi-touch capability, a resolution of 6K and real-time generative content, caused Float4 to use technology from the video game industry, including real-time 3D and physical simulations through their proprietary RealMotion server. Web-based technology was used for the menus and content navigation, and the custom developed CMS, is used by hotel staff to make changes on the video wall.

Float4 also partnered with GoFindIt, a mobile solutions supplier, to provide data relating to travel, hotels and restaurants presented in real time. Users can activate the wall by simply walking past the motion sensors which triggers real-time generation of ambient art, or by touching the wall. For example, within two taps, visitors can navigate and be able to send a two-hour sightseeing itinerary to their mobile phones.

A Guest Using the Float4 Video Wall in Paris

Analyst Comment

Although details of the display weren’t released, they look very like Christie Microtiles to us and a check on an online video show that there were 49 used in a 7 x 7 configuration. A web search of Float4 showed that the firm has often used Microtiles.The overall area of the wall is around 100′ (9m²) (BR)