Panel Price Hike for Small Vendors

IHS has released its PriceWise data, which contains an analysis of LCD panel prices in March and April.


PC brands continued to seek lower prices, even on bundle deals, in March. These deals have already been completed to secure volumes, or receive volumes at short notice.

Most panel makers have lowered production of HD TN eDP panels, due to significant losses made on these units. 15.6″ HD TN LVDS models, for example, reached end-of-life in 2015, although a few were available in the end market. Chinese second- and third-tier makers asked for $27 – $30+ prices for this model.

IHS expects prices for mainstream panels to remain flat through May and June, due to the reduction in HD TN panel supply. Capacity will instead be shifted to monitor, mobile or automotive applications, or 7″ cell glass.


The Taiwan earthquake (Earthquake Rocks Taiwan Production Base), and a lower supply of 7″ cells, led to a 5% QoQ price hike for Chinese white-box makers. However, IHS expects demand to be weaker in Q2, due to fewer projects and a seasonal slow-down. Apple’s 9.7″ iPad Pro will be the only tablet to stimulate demand.

Most tablet makers are considering hybrid (2-in-1) projects; both premium and entry-level models are being produced for the back-to-school season in Q3. Therefore, IHS believes that tablet panel prices will remain flat in the Chinese white-box segment, as prices are already low and there is less supply. On the branded side, prices are heading slightly downwards.


Smartphone demand has not been strong recently. Brands are cautious about over-ordering. There is a ‘delicate’ balance between cell makers, model makers and brands that has kept module prices stable in April.

Demand for panels with 1920 x 1080 and higher resolutions is still good, even for future models. Panel makers have released new lower quotes for clients, which have lowered the ASPs of Full HD displays by 1-2%.