Panasonic Uncovers True Cost of Laser Projection

A study by ROI Team, commissioned by Panasonic, has found that laser projection is now more cost-effective than traditional lamp-based technology.

The performance of Panasonic’s PT-RZ670 laser projector was evaluated against a range of common lamp-based models. Three vertical markets were examined: museums and galleries; higher education; and rental and staging.

It was found that the TCO of the laser projector was 11% lower than the lamp-based units – and 54% lower in rental and staging. In addition, light output was 22% higher and carbon emissions were 26% lower.

Because laser projectors are less prone to failure than lamp-based models, ROI Team suggested that a single back-up unit could be used to cover 10 projectors in the front line. Common wisdom is one spare projector to cover five in the front line.