Panasonic Takes Part in “Milano Salone 2016” with Its Installation, “KUKAN” – The Invention of Space –

Panasonic Corporation (“Panasonic”) will be taking part in the Milano Salone 2016, which will be held in Milan, Italy from April 12 to 17. This year, Panasonic is introducing an installation designed with the theme – “K?KAN” The Invention of Space.

The installation features one hundred forty 55-inch screens arranged into 7 pillars that will showcase Japan’s unique view of the world and the beauty of its nature, while also combining the traditional culture of Japan with state-of-the-art technology to bring to life a new experience, the “Wonder Japan Experience” that fuels imagination.

Satoshi Takeyasu, Executive Officer of Panasonic Corporation in charge of Corporate Communications, stated “By taking part in Milano Salone 2016, Panasonic hopes to bring to light the undiscovered potential and allure of various spaces that Panasonic can create with its technologies in imaging, audio, lighting, etc. honed through its home appliance business, and thereby endeavor to deliver wonder and excitement to people all around the world.”

Exhibition overview

Exhibition theme

“K?KAN” The Invention of Space

Period April 12 (Tue) – 17 (Sun) 10:00 – 21:00


(Address: via S. Carpoforo 9 – via Fiori Chiari 17/a, Milan, Italy)

Special website for Milano Salone 2016

Description of the installation
• Name of the video content: “7 Dimensions”
– Introducing Japanese culture from the perspective of space and inventing new, imaginative spaces that reflect Japan’s unique view of the world.

The 7 towering pillars form a spatial installation where images meet sound to create a one-of-a-kind experience only realizable in this unique space. The journey through this space also fuels the imaginations of its visitors. These 7 pillars take on a completely different expression depending on the angle from which they are viewed and brings to life an unknown, unexplored environment. They express Japan’s unique view of the world and the beauty of its nature, and its unique sense of aesthetics, comparisons, and boundaries fundamental in Japan’s culture and art that has been honed since time immemorial. By doing so, the pillars create a “space” that is a source of infinite inspiration, that enables visitors to become disconnected or feel connected to others.

Creator’s Comments
• Total design & general production : SD Associates, Inc. represented by Mr. Shuichi Furumi
“People can be more free. If homes change, people can live anywhere they want from the polar region, remote islands to mountaintops. This becomes possible with the invention of space brought to life by technological innovation. ‘7 Dimensions’ creates an unknown, unexplored space. It will surprise you and fuel your imagination as you retrace the steps of Japanese culture.”

• Visual imagery produced by : Montage Inc., Mr. Masao Ochiai
“These pillars represent the boundaries between heaven and earth, here and there, ourselves and others. People begin to recognize the space in which they exist when they discover these boundaries, and get inspired to create new spaces after watching a sequence of these boundaries. This idea was the departure point for this installation.”