Panasonic MD: Watch Out For Large Screens

Panasonic’s UK MD, Andrew Denham, has urged channel partners to think “very carefully” about how quickly the large-screen market for UltraHD TVs is growing.

Speaking to ERT Online at the Panasonic Convention 2015 in Frankfurt, Denham said, “2014 ended with 30% of the TV market in value coming from 50″ plus. We expect that to grow exponentially this year to 50%. That’s where the money is”.

Panasonic expects 55″ to be the major volume zone for UltraHD TVs this year. The company experienced “very strong” sales of large-screen and UltraHD TVs in the Christmas period. Between 65% and 70% of Panasonic’s 2015 TV range is UltraHD (Panasonic Goes All-Out With UltraHD).