Panasonic Launches ShadowSense Displays

Panasonic has announced the integration of ShadowSenseTM touch technology in versions of their high-end AF1 and LF80 displays. The AF1-SST and LF80-SST series of displays are available in 42, 49 and 55-inch sizes, and are aimed at the digital signage market.

ShadowSense provides Panasonic with a highly responsive and reliable multi-touch solution to complement their high-end public signage display ranges. The ability to reject surface debris and fluids, as well as high ambient light immunity, are just some of the features that make ShadowSense ideal for demanding applications where touchscreens are intended to work continuously 24/7 in high traffic places. More information about the new Panasonic ShadowSense displays are available on the Panasonic website.

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