Pallas Extends Image With Bezel-Mounted LEDs

Digital Signage – A 3×1 vertical videowall has been designed, built and installed by Pallas LCD in Plaza Premium’s departure lounge in Heathrow’s Terminal 2A. 

Although LCD technology was used, the videowall appears to be bezel-free. LG panels (47″, 1366 x 768 resolution, 500 cd/m² – these panels are supported but no longer manufactured) were used, but the chassis, graphics board, switches and other components were designed by Pallas. The bezel-less design was achieved by installing 20 PCBs with LEDs around the edge of each display, which extends the image over the bezels. A further wall and two additional screens will be installed for Plaza in the company’s arrivals lounge. – Tom Allen

Meko Comment

We have covered Pallas’ clear plastic lens system before, beginning at ISE 2013. Coloured LEDs are embedded that synthesize colours mapped to the content. At ISE 2014, Bob wrote about a ‘strobe artefact’ he spotted in some content. Because the LED array is much lower resolution than the surrounding panels, it suffers when content is very detailed (like text).