OTT Firms Lead Connected Car Experience

Juniper Research expects 10x rise in connected in-vehicle infotainment system revenues between 2016 and 2020. By the end of the decade, Juniper forecasts that revenues will exceed $600 million.

New research ( predicts that adoption will rise quickly; Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will lead the way. As these systems become firmly established, Juniper expects a wave of new applications to become available. These will be specifically designed for in-vehicle use.

On-board systems with integrated connectivity are expected to eventually surpass those that require connection to a smartphone. OEMs will seize the opportunity and directly integrate units running systems such as CarPlay, Android Auto and Blackberry’s QNX.

OTT players such as Apple, Amazon and Google are expected to play an ever-more-central role in the connected car space. Juniper highlights the development of autonomous cars at Apple and Google as examples. Amazon also recently announced that its smart home service, Echo, will be able to interact with Ford’s Sync in-vehicle system.

These new OTT services will bring the challenge of high consumer expectations, Juniper warns. End users will expect similar levels of speed, functionality and features as they enjoy in the smartphone ecosystem.