Optoma Broadens its Horizons with Dedicated Dome Projection Lens

Optoma has unveiled its dedicated dome projection lens, the BX-CTADOME.

The BX-CTADOME lens, available now, is simple to set up and delivers an immersive 360º projection on pop up or permanent curved spaces from a single projector with no blending required.

Installations that need projection around a dome, like that installed in the National Technical Museum of Prague(pictured), will be hugely simplified with Optoma’s new BX-CTADOME lens. This makes it ideal for planetariums, simulation, military and live events or anywhere 360º projection is required.

Compatible with Optoma’s DuraCore laser projectors ZU650+ and ZU850 only, the BX-CTADOME is guaranteed to inspire and captivate any audience.

James Fursse, Technical Product Manager at Optoma Europe, commented: “The demand for more immersive and engaging visual displays is growing significantly and domes create the perfect platform to create memorable experiences. Our dome lens is tried and tested with both our ZU650+ and ZU850 DuraCore laser projectors and the result is spectacular.”

Key benefits– BX-CTADOME

  • Guaranteed compatibility with ZU650+ and ZU850 DuraCore laser models (6,000 and 8,000 lumens respectively)
  • Delivers sharp 360 degree image
  • Simple set-up with a single projector – no blending required

Detailed specification sheets can be found at: