Nubia Unveils Wrist-Worn Smartphone with Flexible OLED Display

Smartphone maker Nubia says its “Nubia-a” wearable smartphone will be available to buy in China by the end of 2018, with a possible wider global launch to follow shortly after.

The device is worn on the wrist like a smartwatch and features an elongated flexible OLED display, as well as a camera lens. Its Android-based software has been shown to be capable of tasks like making and receiving calls, fitness tracking and controlling music.

More detailed specs regarding the device’s hardware are being kept tightly under wraps for the time being. The company has said that the Nubia-a will retail for around the same price as a smartphone — not very specific given the smartphone market’s wide price range, but we can safely assume it will be priced higher than the average smartwatch.

It’s certainly interesting technology, but some reports have highlighted concerns about the viability of the Nubia-a, considering app developers would have to adapt their software to work with such an unconventional, niche display format.

You can see the device in action in this announcement video posted by Nubia.