Now Available from Allwinner: New Generation H6 Processor with 4K HDR for Set-Top Box Applications

Allwinner Technology Co., Ltd. (300458) has officially released the H6, the most advanced processor in the H-series range. The H6 is a high-performance, high-quality 4K HDR set-top box SoC, which is specially designed to meet the needs of not only our domestic Science and Technology ecosystem partners attending APC 2017 but also the international market.

With OTT, IPTV, DVB and other markets demanding increasingly high quality requirements, we aim to help customers create greater value and access to an industry-leading position by offering this competitive solution.

“OTT as a whole has entered its most prosperous period with the market offering great potential. As an OTT box SoC, the H6’s performance is the cornerstone of the product, with quality and user experience at its core,” said Hu Dongming, vice president of the technology market products center. The concept of innovation and integration comes in the form of 6K decoding technology, ten advanced display technology, HDR display technology, panoramic technology and so on. This has been made possible by Allwinners commitment and investment in proprietary technology to enhance and optimize it products, offering the customer the ability to create the most extreme OTT audio and video experiences!

The H6 processor uses quad ARM A53 core CPU architecture, with MaliT720 GPU, support for OpenGL3.1, compatibility with DDR4 / DDR3 / LPDDR3 / EMMC5.0 and other flash memory formats and provides a variety of audio / video interfaces and common interfaces. With support for H.265 6K@30fps video decoding, H.264 4K @ 30fps video encoding and Allwinner HDR display technology combined with Smartcolor 3.0 intelligent display engine. This enables enhanced and intelligent noise reduction, improved interlacing, intelligent color enhancement, the result of which is a powerful and rich display experience.

HDR technology is currently trending in the field of displays. It offers a broader color gamut, softer color transitions, darker and deeper blacks, brighter and more dazzling colors, mimicking real world content so that the video is striking and more vivid. The H6 processor supports full-channel 10bit HDR10 standard, its advantage lies in decoding, processing and outputting full-channel 10bit, to achieve a full color gamut range of 100% with an increase of 900% in brightness. This forms the foundation for OTT products that offer a great end user experience.

With growth in the HDR TV market ever increasing the requirement for STB’s that incorporate HDR technology is forecast to grow rapidly; in addition to this support for SDR TV sets is still a requirement. Allwinner’s H6 has achieved compatibility in both these areas with SDR and HDR interchange. SDR to HDR can significantly enhance the display whilst those who do not have HDR enabled devices can still view SDR content.

Smartcolor 3.0 color system software has been independently researched and developed and is currently in its third generation. With a number of national patent certifications, Smartcolor 3.0 has integrated intelligent noise reduction, ultra-resolution display, elite to interlaced, color enhancement, skin color protection, intelligent backlighting and other video display / processing technologies. Each frame image is finely optimized with strict detection of each point of the flaws culminating from a decade of research and development, with the goal of creating the most comfortable viewing experience possible.

The H6 will support the original large-screen panoramic software player called Panoplayer which offers an innovative solution to viewing VR content on your TV. Avoiding past issues caused by Sphere algorithms where there is North and South distortion coupled with polyhedron edges. Using the APP users can enjoy immersive video and gaming experiences allowing greater interactivity and a dynamic picture from all angles!

Allwinner Technology is a platform based enterprise and as such is focused on customer orientated values and industry trends. To meet these demands we offer our “SoC+” package which bundles together more features, both in hardware and software. Leveraging our eco-system of partners and listening to the needs of our customers our “+” packages allow for the creation of next generation devices quicker and more simply without compromising features or performance!