‘No Feature’ Smartwatch is Fully Customisable

A Taiwanese startup has shown a revolutionary smartwatch called the Noodoe at Computex – because it has no features. At all. Well, ok, there is one: it uses a wearer’s own imagination to tell the time. ‘Camera Brush’ is the smartwatch’s USP. A drawing is captured with a smartphone camera, using the Noodoe app. Elements are added to the sketch, which is then transferred to the watch. For example, a person who likes gardening could draw a tree, with the stage of growth (from seed to fully-grown) used to tell the time. The sketches are displayed an AMOLED display with 128 x 32 resolution. The lack of features (the watch can still alert users to notifications) means that the Noodoe will last up to a week on a single charge. It is set to be released in Q4, for under $100.

Analyst Comment

This is an interesting and – dare I say – unique idea in what is rapidly becoming a crowded market. An AMOLED display, which is much more efficient than LCD when displaying mostly black, is a good choice. (TA)