New Curved LED Screens to Light up Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus, in London, currently lacks DOOH signage, as previously reported in the Piccadilly Circus to Go Dark article. The screens marketed by Media Owner Ocean Outdoor UK were dismantled and replaced by a non-digital static interim solution on the Land Securities buildings.

Piccadilly will once again have DOOH signage from Autumn 2017, when a 17.56m by 44.62m large curved LED screen, with more than 4K resolution, will be introduced with LED signage technology from Daktronics. The screen will be designed for live video streaming, as well as for social media feeds from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Advertising opportunities will be available for both fixed bookings, as well as for temporary assignments. Coca-Cola, Samsung and Hyundai are expected to advertise on the new screens.

Following a survey at Piccadilly Circus, of 300 people, of which one third were tourists, about 95% agreed that a world city should have advertisements. Also, 86% think the modernisation will enhance the whole area, and 86% indicated that they will be more attentive to adverts after the modernisation.

Piccadilly Circus in London