NEC Uses FlatFrog in LFDs

NEC has said that its 55″ and 65″ XUHD displays – first seen at ISE this year (NEC has Big Video Wall Plans) – will use a new touch system called InGlass touch, from Flatfrog.

The Multisync X551UHD and X651UHD-2 are designed to be used as touch tables. The InGlass touch supports up to 10 touch points, with sensors behind the glass, rather than in the bezel.

NEC is selling the 65″ model now. The 55″ will be available in September.

Analyst Comment

NEC was showing this touch table at the Munich Digital Signage Summit this week. Despite the difficult conditions (the sun was high and the Hilton hotel in Munich airport has a very high atrium with a glass roof), the touch was working well, although the bright light was degrading the image. The choice of the FlatFrog technology by NEC (and we reported on this relationship at the NEC Showcase recently) for this application was partly because of the lack of protrusion of the bezels – the glass surface goes right to the edge, really making the system look like a table. It is also absolutely clear optically. It has tested metal mesh solutions, but these have tended to be visible on some content and that “that’s not acceptable when you are trying to sell a €100,000 car”, we heard. (BR)