NEC to Showcase New Digital Cinema Projector NC1201L at CinemaCon 2015

NEC Display Solutions Europe is launching a new Digital Cinema laser projector in its second generation of compact laser cinema projectors, offering a larger screen covering and low total cost of ownership.

The one-box solution, NC1201L, is an addition to NEC’s range of laser projector models, already the widest in the industry. It is ideal for boothless cinema scenarios with up to 12m screen width, due to its compact, low noise design, flexibility, and the powerful integrated media server.

Low total cost of ownership, flexibility and efficiency are key for cinemas, where time and space is at a premium. The NC1201L features NEC’s unique sealing technology: a sealed optical engine and laser engine with circulating air cooling, which reduces maintenance requirements by minimising the opportunity for dust and smoke to enter the optical block, the heart of the projector, and ensures consistent image quality and brightness. Further efficiencies are found through using solid state light source, eliminating the need to replace a lamp, removing filter costs as it only features metal filters, and lowering power consumption to 1.3kW, each offering significant long-term cost savings.

The one-stop solution is made possible by the new generation of Integrated Media Server (IMS) included as standard. The integrated NP90MS02 is a high performance cinema server, with 2TB net capacity, fast upload of movies via USB 3.0 or Gigabit Ethernet, possible during playback, and support for playing movies directly from Network Attached Storage (NAS). The laser has a typical lifetime of 20,000 hours, so cinema operators can be confident in the long-term investment. It also offers flexibility as the projector can be moved easily within the cinema, and installed either on the ceiling or floor.

Similar to the successful model launched last year, theNC1100L, the NC1201L offers outstanding brightness uniformity, the best possible image quality and a wide range of brightness adjustment (30-100%) to help achieve the best possible picture experience for both 2D and 3D movies.

Gerd Kaiser, Senior Product Line Manager Large Venue Projectors at NEC Display Solutions Europe comments: “Total cost of ownership is key for cinemas today, and for cinemas with no dedicated booth there is also a demand for one stop solutions that are well suited to the environment around them. They need to be low noise, compact and flexible, in order to be suitable for the boothless cinema. By expanding what is already the widest range of laser projectors on the market today, NEC is meeting these important long-term demands of our customers.”

The new NC1201L laser projector will be on display at the NEC Suite in Milano 1 atCinemaCon 2015, taking place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from 20 – 23 April 2015.


The NEC NC1201L projector will be available from Autumn 2015.