NEC Display’s VUKUNET Tops 100,000 Venue Locations, Delivering More Than 1.8-Billion Monthly Ad Impressions

NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, today announced that VUKUNET, its ad serving platform for the Digital out of Home (DOOH) industry, has expanded its presence in the DOOH market to more than 1.8-billion ad impressions in 100,000 locations since launch.

VUKUNET, a global platform, connects advertising agencies, ad trading desks and On-Line DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) with DOOH network operators. VUKUNET facilitates the execution of ad campaign planning, flighting, proof-of-performance delivery, and reconciliation of payments.

Media buyers that formerly had to contact network operators themselves now use VUKUNET to identify network screens with the right demographics and availability for their clients.

“The rate at which consumers are being exposed to DOOH media is growing quickly, and will only continue to grow as the media ecosystem transitions. We are excited about the opportunity it allows to reach consumers with relevant messaging in locations that matter,” said Jim Caruso, Vice President of Product Strategy at Varick Media Management. “VUKUNET is making that task easier.”

Doctors’ offices, health clubs, office buildings, movie theaters and retailers are just some of the entities maximizing investments in their digital signage networks and realizing incremental revenue growth through advertising. VUKUNET makes it easier to connect the screens that have time/space available on their networks with advertisers.

VUKUNET delivers all of the services found in traditional and online ad buying, including detailed demographics data, network ad rates, network inventories, order execution, creative delivery, campaign proof-of-performance, reporting, and payments.

“While VUKUNET automates the DOOH advertising process, we also take very seriously our role as consultants to our target audiences,” said Mike Zmuda, Director of VUKUNET Global Systems and Operations. “That means guiding media buyers and network operators to realize the full benefits of VUKUNET. Even though many people are new to the burgeoning trend of programmatic DOOH advertising, VUKUNET takes the guess work out of the process.”