NEC 75″ UltraHD LFD is for High Reliability

NEC has a new 75″ UltraHD LFD in its P Series, the P754Q which is designed for high reliability applications and was previewed at ISE. The unit has an anti-reflective IPS panel with 650 cd/m² of output (although the website lists it as 700) and warranted for 24/7 operation. NEC said that it is is particularly suitable for control rooms, although its colour accuracy makes it applicable for other applications.

Richard Wilks, Aviation Business Development Manager at NEC Display Solutions Europe said

“Transport hubs such as airports and rail stations are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and displays are often installed in difficult to access locations. The costs associated with replacing a failed display are therefore very high. Not only are passengers inconvenienced but the airports also lose valuable advertising revenue and brand reputation. With the P754Q, we have combined our deep knowledge and expertise to deliver a display that is ultra-reliable, cost-effective to run, and simple to control.

With NEC’s cost-saving remote management technology, users save time and effort with the ability to manage their devices from a centralised location using the NaViSet Administrator 2 software tool, while our OMi concept ensures that they can rely on a range of media playback capabilities seamlessly integrated into the displays allowing an instant performance upgrade if needed in the future to ensure a safe investment.”

The monitor supports OPS and also the NEC Raspberry Pi modules and has dual DisplayPort and triple HDMI inputs. Power consumption is 195W and is priced at £8,160 ($10,450 plus tax).