MoviePass Brings Back “Movie-a-Day” Monthly Subscription

MoviePass has reverted back to its “movie-a-day” monthly subscription package, having replaced it with an alternative promotion three weeks ago. Since April 13th, new customers have only been able to purchase a $29.95 pass that bundled a free trial of iHeartRadio’s All Access on-demand streaming package, but only enabled them to see up to four movies per month — a far cry from one a day.

However, all is back to normal now. CEO Mitch Lowe said that, during promotional periods, these new deals will always replace the usual offering. However, just last week, Lowe was quoted by the Hollywood Reporter being far more non-committal regarding the future of “movie-a-day”, saying he didn’t know if it would return.

The change raised concerns, especially following a recent report by an independent auditor casting doubts on the viability of the MoviePass business model. Last year, the company admitted that it was struggling financially, after a price cut saw subscriptions skyrocket. (MoviePass Sees Boom with Price Cut)