Monitor Rivals Steal Share From Samsung

More than 29 million PC monitors were shipped in Q1’16, says IDC – up 0.5% YoY, although a 5.7% QoQ fall.

IDC expects the monitor market to decline about 3% annually between 2018 and 2020. However, there will be some growth in specific regions, such as MEA. This region grew for the second consecutive quarter in Q1, rising 3.8%.

IDC expects 114 million PC monitors to be shipped worldwide this year, and forecasts 27.1 million units to be shipped in Q1’17: a 7.4% YoY fall. By 2020, shipments are expected to fall below 100 million units, as mobile device adoption eats into the bottom line.

There were some highlights. Curved monitor shipments are on the rise, for example, increasing 495% in Q1’16 – although from a low base, and ending the quarter at a 1.2% share. Monitors with TV tuners are also forecast to rise, with a 1.3% climb boosting them to a 5.7% share in 2017. This compares to 5.1% in 2015. LG and Samsung, with a combined 99% market share, will dominate this category.

Of the top 10 screen sizes, 23.8″ and 31.5″ grew the most; up 91.4% and 183.2%, respectively, in Q1’16.

Dell led the monitor market in Q1, with a worldwide share of 16.8% (more than 4.9 million units shipped). Growth was especially strong in CEE (56.4%) and Canada (20.6%).

Second place went to HP, with 3.4 million units shipped resulting in an 11.7% share. The company’s share rose 1.6% YoY thanks to increases in the USA (15.1%) and Western Europe (7.3%).

Although Samsung remained in the top three, it declined 13.9% to 3.2 million units shipped. Declines were felt across all regions, although growth was present in the 31.5″ and 27″ segments.

LG continued to rank in fourth place, with almost 3 million units shipped and gains in all regions, excluding CEE and LATAM. Finally, AOC took 8.8% of the total market. The company recorded ‘huge’ gains in CEE, Japan, MEA, Western Europe and the USA.

Worldwide PC Monitor Unit Shipments, Share and Growth, Q1’16
Vendor Q1’16 Unit Shipments Q1’15 Unit Shipments Q1’16 Share Q1’15 Share YoY Change
Dell 4,934,978 4,650,633 16.8% 15.9% 6.1%
HP 3,431,437 3,377,346 11.7% 11.6% 1.6%
Samsung 3,214,223 3,731,530 11.0% 12.8% -13.9%
LG 2,909,957 2,860,412 9.9% 9.8% 1.7%
AOC 2,579,543 2,351,900 8.8% 8.1% 9.7%
Others 12,246,543 12,199,049 41.8% 41.8% 0.4%
Total 29,316,681 29,170,870 100.0% 100.0% 0.5%
Source: IDC