DBCI Results Vary Across Europe

Mediterranean countries were added to OVAB Europe’s Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) last year. Three of these were Italy, Spain and Portugal (the latter two measured together).

Italy’s business sentiment was volatile last year, with irritation in the signage industry resulting from the economy (still in recession) and comparatively slow political reforms.

After a ‘healthy market shakeout’, the remaining companies stabilised their revenues and profits. Only 30% of the market registered falling revenues in 2014.

Most signage business in Italy consists of small installations in the SMB sector. Market stakeholders expect an increasing demand for small (sub-32″) signage; the primary scenarios are in the retail sector.

OVAB identified the Iberian peninsula – containing both Spain and Portugal – as one of EMEA’s top signage markets. The signage market across the region profited from the beginning of economic recoveries and strong¬†business relations to the booming Middle- and South-American markets.

Consumer spending rose with the economic upturn, making retail and shopping centres the most important verticals for signage.

Several large products (500+ displays) have passed the pilot stage and will begin their roll-out in the near future.

Large advertising companies like Clear Channel and JCDecaux have been constantly investing in their DOOH portfolio, with revenues rising around 10% last year.