Milan Expo 2015 says “Si” to AV Stumpfl

Over eighty solid-state FHD Media Players and 10 Wings Engine media servers were deployed in over seven Pavilions at Milan Expo 2015.

Highlighting includes the work achieved by Leading Technologies SRL, working with several main contractors to supply, programme, and design AV Stumpfl Wings Engine Install and FHD Media Players as core multimedia technology throughout Palazzo Italia, Italy and Iran Pavilions at the Milan EXPO 2015.

Marco Porro, managing director at Leading Technologies srl. takes up the story: “All AV Stumpfl products are easy to install and have powerful management and show control capabilities,which makes them the most reliable and functional multimedia technology outthere.”

“With the talent of Leading Technologies srl and their integration partners, our multimedia andcontrol technology can be found in what we believe are the most eye catching, emotive uses of technology for story telling that the world has ever seen!” says AV Stumpfl CEO, Tobias Stumpfl.

‘Palazzo Italia’ at Italy Pavilion

‘Palazzo Italia’, located at the Italy Pavilion in Rho Fiera Milano District, is one of the few pavilions that will remain after the Expo ends. AV Stumpfl technology is used in across four levels that are dedicated to the four ubiquitous elements of Italian culture including beauty, knowledge, power and the future.

Visitors start their journey on the ground floor level at Newstand immersed in Italy’s biggest fruit and vegetable markets. AV Stumpfl FHD Media Players are integrated to manage video on to a 3 x 3 meter LED video wall cube.

The first floor is dedicated to perspectives of 21 influential Italian people. Three Wings Engine Install media servers integrated with 12 large-format projectors to manage video playback onto a wooden carved background, wall as well as on to carved wooden figures brought to life using projection mapping. “Wings Engine Install enabled us to map and pre-programme content for each surface using the Avio automatic camera alignment control solution. The system is designed to switch into animation once the audio is triggered bringing the figure to life,” explains Porro.

The second floor takes visitors to Chaos and Environmental Disasters. 21 AV Stumpfl FHD Players manage looping content across 21 LCD screens, using a combination of archive video footage.

Perhaps a highlight of the Italy Pavilion, Kaleidoscope uses giant LED screens that are reflected onto mirrored floors and ceilings. “Three Wings Engine Install media servers manage content including scenic panoramas, monuments, art and architecture with accompanying soundtracks. Kaleidoscope gives the audience the impression that they are suspended in a surreal dimension in front of magnificent architectural masterpiece which is amplified by the audio system we have designed,” adds Porro.

Also on the third floor, at Earthquake Assisi, audiences are challenged by the personal accounts of the devastation left by an earthquake that destroyed the famous Basilica. An AV Stumpfl FHD Media Player acts to loop video and the audio across a LCD screen.

Mediterraneo Senza Italia uses 8 FHD Media Players to drive content across LCD screens where four famous architects provide a narrative about art and architecture.

Two AV Stumpfl Wings Engine Install manage content across curved video wall projection using sixprojectors at Card Milan.

Additional FHD Players are used throughout the building for signage and video displays.

East meets west in 42-meter wide panoramic projection at Iran Pavilion

At the Iran Pavilion, two AV Stumpfl Wings Engine Install media servers are used to manage video content on a static 42-meter long curved LED screen that is designed into the curvature of the Pavilion.

The Iran Pavilion flooring has 2-square metres of underfloor LED, which acts as a running river that appears and disappears into the ground. There is approximately 140 square meters of video surface that is used to tell the past and present story of food, agriculture and cultural history of the Iranian people.

“The visual impact of this incredible display creates great emotion and atmosphere. Visuals are accompanied by traditional music and light on the walls and that reflect on the mirrors,” adds Porro.