Microsoft Pen Certification Awarded to Consumer Market Laptop Computer with UniPixel Touchscreen Sensors

UniPixel, Inc., a provider of Performance Engineered Films™ to the touchscreen and flexible electronics markets, today announced a consumer market laptop device with a UniPixel touchscreen sensor was awarded Microsoft Pen Digitizer Certification ensuring that the application and device are compatible with Windows and will run reliably on the Windows 10 operating system and Windows Server 2016.

After passing certain tests, the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program allows device manufacturers to use the Windows logo as part of their marketing. End-users trust the Windows logo as a sign of compatibility. Enterprise and government customers also look for the logo, or consult the Microsoft Certified Products list or the server catalog to see what systems, components and peripherals have been tested to ensure interoperability and reliability.

Jalil Shaikh, chief operating officer of UniPixel, commented, “We are encouraged that a leading systems integrator submitted a product, which included a UniPixel touchscreen sensor, for Windows Pen Digitizer Certification, and was granted the certification. The stylus protocol in this device is similar to the stylus protocol employed in the Microsoft Surface device. This was the first time that a new device featuring a UniPixel metal mesh touchscreen sensor was submitted for certification.”

Mr. Shaikh continued, “It is an important development because the accelerating popularity of the Microsoft Surface platform and the active stylus protocol built into the Windows 10 operating system are major drivers of new touch penetration into 2-in-1 conventional laptop device categories. We expect other systems integrators and computer manufacturers to increasingly seek this certification to promote the stylus capabilities built into their next generation products. This certification demonstrates the efficiency and effectiveness of our XTouch sensors to support the Microsoft Pen Protocol.”