Microsoft Iterates on Illumiroom

It’s been a few months since we heard anything about Microsoft’s Illumiroom concept (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 4) – not since March, in fact (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 10). Illumiroom uses projectors to ‘extend’ game visuals beyond a TV and into a room.

Microsoft Research has now released a video of ‘RoomAlive’, which builds on the idea of Illumiroom by adding interactivity. Users can reach out and touch objects, or interact with games via the surfaces that images are being projected onto.

RoomAlive is built around a projector-camera (‘procam’). The unit consists of a projector with a wide field of view (a BenQ model is used in the video), a Kinect sensor and a computer. The projector, of course, is used as the display; the Kinect is used for tracking.

Watch the RoomAlive video at