Microsoft Close to Producing Large Touch Displays

Microsoft’s EVP of Devices Stephen Elop has said that the company is getting close to mass production of large-screen touch displays, using technology it gained through its acquisition of Perceptive Pixel (PPI) two years ago (Display Monitor Vol 19 No 28).

Elop was speaking at Microsoft’s Australian Partner Conference earlier this week and although he did not elaborate on the firm’s plans, it was the first time since the acquisition in 2012 that PPI’s technology had been mentioned. At the time of the acquisition, PPI was integrated into Microsoft’s Office division and was subsequently moved into the Devices unit as part of Microsoft’s reorgranisation last year. PPI’s large-screen touch displays originally sold in the $80,000 price range but the company has been exploring ways to make the displays more affordable.

Display Daily Comments

We’re working to get more on this story as we heard from good sources that the assembly may be done in the US. (BR)