Meet Royole-X, The World’s First Foldable Smart Mobile Theatre

Royole Corporation recently launched its new wearable product Royole-X, the first foldable smart mobile theatre device of its kind.

With the highest pixel density displays, stunning noise-cancelling headphones, novel operating system Royole-X OS and a unique foldable product design, Royole-X presents unprecedented theatrical experience that follows you everywhere, whether you are in a college dorm, at home, or on a flight. Particularly, the integrated video-audio design offers a brand new fashion to the wearable industry.

“From the very beginning, the goal for Royole-X is to address the mismatch between high-resolution large-screen, mind-blowing visual/sound effects and portability, which is one of the key issues for wearable display products,” says the Founder and CEO of Royole Corporation, Dr. Bill Liu, a Stanford and IBM alumnus. At Royole, the team has worked on the device in stealth mode for nearly two years, combining a number of groundbreaking technologies with a unique industrial design to enable the long-time video watching, game playing and wearable PC experience.

“It is completely different from any virtual reality headsets,” Bill mentioned. “We want users to wear Royole-X for a long time, typically more than two hours, either watching movies, playing video games, or working on the wearable PC without any discomfort.” The device was designed to serve as a foldable and portable ultra-high pixel density audio/video station. With its capability, the applications of Royole-X can be very diverse.

The smart mobile theatre is nothing short of novel technologies. Royole-X adopts a leading-edge display technology to enable the world’s highest pixel density display of 3300 PPI (pixels per inch), which is around 10X higher than current leading-edge smartphone displays. The Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Display (AMOLED) inside offers a high contrast ratio greater than 10000:1, wide color gamut, microsecond level response speed and 24-bit RGB color mode. The AMOLED display comes along with detailed optical and human factor design to create a truly eye-pleasing mobile theatre.

The extraordinary display is paired with an impressive audio performance. Royole-X’s active noise control technology can achieve a noise reduction rating of up to 22dB, an industry-leading level. The sound system and circuitry enables near-perfect audio fidelity with less than 1% sound distortion.

The foldable design, pioneered by Royole, reached its current form after a number of iterations. The unique form factor allows the weight of the headset to be distributed more evenly away from the user’s nose, typically a very sensitive area. Meanwhile, the headphone and display can be folded and become one-piece when the device is not in use, providing ultimate portability and fashion.

On the software side, Royole-X uses its own new operating system, Royole-X OS. It is the first operating system ever created for mobile theatre application. Users can take control of the world they are in with an intuitive touch wheel control on the right ear cup. The hardware supports five video input connections, including HDMI, wireless streaming, Wi-Fi sharing, USB On-The-Go, and an internal storage.

Royole-X is already in production and on sale in China since mid-September. It was also launched in the US this week through the crowd funding platform, The campaign offers an early-bird option to receive Royole-X as early as December 2015. Royole has established its production line for the mass production of Royole-X and is currently ramping up the volume to make Royole-X available to more customers worldwide at a retail price of US$699.

The company behind the new device, Royole Corporation, was founded in 2012. Royole develops novel display technologies and related electronic products, and provides IP licenses, services and solutions to various industries associated with display applications. Besides Royole-X, the company also develops the state-of-the-art flexible displays and flexible touch panel technologies. In August 2014, Royole introduced the world’s thinnest full-color flexible displays with a thickness of 0.01 mm and a bending radius of 1 mm. In July 2015, Royole started mass production of flexible display modules and the proprietary flexible touch panels on Royole’s production lines in Shenzhen, China. The Company is led by a team of experienced technology experts and professionals fromStanford, Tsinghua and many other leading research institutions and Fortune Global 500 high-tech companies around the globe.

Royole operates in several major high-tech regions globally: Silicon Valley, US; Hong Kong; and Shenzhen, China. Royole is backed by several of the world’s premier VC/PE firms and investors since its inception. Royole has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the world to enter into the “Unicorn Club” (with valuation over $1 Billion).

Royole-X is now available for order from the Indiegogo website at: