Media Summit Celebrates Successful Signage Market

The event ran at Bafta in Picadilly CircusDailyDOOH’s Media Summit is now in its second year in London, taking place as part of the city’s Digital Signage Week. Rather than gearing towards product demonstrations like the NEC Showcase, the Summit brings together players from across the OOH sector to speak about the industry. Content creators, media owners and media buyers were all represented at this year’s event, which was more international than 2014. Attendees had come from across Europe, and even as far as Turkey, Lebanon, Canada and the USA (hold on, don’t they have their own Summit? – TA).

Some of the key trends at this year’s conference were programmatic buying and the evolution of DOOH technology. Many people that I talked to were interested in interactivity, but admitted that the application had to be right – it doesn’t work in airports, for example.

In terms of hardware, there was a lot of interest in UltraHD and large screens on the LCD side, while LED makers were looking at smaller pixel pitches. Other display enhancements, like HDR and HFR, were not being considered.