MDM Product Roundup – Vol 23 No 19

A very low-cost laptop, which takes all of its computing power from a connected smartphone, is being launched on Kickstarter by Androminium. Called the Superbook, the unit is a laptop shell that connects to an Android phone via USB. Androminium has built in the technology to translate video over USB – all that is required is the Androminium app. The laptop has an 11.6″ display, up to eight hours of battery life and a trackpad. The Kickstarter page will go live on the 15th June. (we spoke to Andromium at MWC in 2015 – Andromium MHL Dock turns Smartphones into Notebooks for the video)

Simple mobile phone maker Doro introduced an accessible unit at the recent Sight City show in Frankfurt. Based on the existing Doro 8031, the 8031C offers functions such as voice control and text-to-speech to help people with impaired vision. It also uses the Claria Vox solution ( a rubber overlay that replicates the feel of an alphanumeric keyboard.