Matterport Virtual Reality (VR) Content Now Available on Apple iPhone

Immersive media platform company Matterport today announced VR support for Apple’s iPhone. The Matterport VR app offers an easy-to-use option to publish any Matterport 3D Space in VR and is the fastest and least expensive end-to-end system for delivering a VR experience of a real-world place.

This announcement represents another major leap forward for the VR ecosystem as it makes the world’s largest library of 3D Spaces immediately available to both iPhone (Minimum spec is iOS 9.1 and iPhone 5S) and Android users, representing over 2 billion consumers worldwide.

Matterport’s innovative technology platform offers an easy and highly-scalable way to capture real-world places and share them in VR. Matterport’s collection of spaces accessible in VR is by far the largest in the world; it is now well beyond 300,000 with more than 25,000 new VR spaces added each month. Today’s announcement follows on the heels of Matterport’s October launch of CoreVR, which enables anyone who owns a Matterport Pro 3D Camera to become a VR content creator.

Customers across a myriad of industries, including residential and commercial real estate, apartments, business listings, travel and hospitality, architecture, engineering, construction, and many more, have adopted CoreVR to create immersive experiences to fuel their businesses.

Metricon Homes, Australia’s biggest home builder, uses VR from Matterport. “We were an early adopter,” said Ross Palazzesi, Managing Director. “With over 150 display homes around the country, and hundreds of home designs and floorplans, we needed an innovative way for potential customers to explore our broad range of options efficiently. We have more than 90 homes accessible via Matterport CoreVR which allows us to open up our homes to an even broader audience. Buying a home is a big financial and emotional decision, and the Matterport VR app aids in making it a bit easier.”

“Matterport is the fastest way for any company to quickly implement a virtual reality strategy,” said Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport. “While some companies are trying to figure out how to capitalize on VR, our partners have already integrated it into their offerings seamlessly and have been delivering at scale from day one. Companies that move quickly to integrate immersive media are going to deliver a better consumer experience and position themselves for long-term success.”

The Matterport VR app has one click access to more than 150 premium VR experiences, and users can also explore all the public Matterport Spaces in VR. In addition to the Apple App Store, Matterport VR content is available on Samsung Gear VR in the Oculus Store and on Cardboard for Android via Google Play.

Matterport has enabled CoreVR free of charge for any 3D Space created through June 2017 to allow both iOS and Android customers to experience just how easy it is to create their own VR spaces. For more information, visit:

This infographic gives a glimpse of how VR is transforming the way people experience the world, and this video illustrates some of the exciting business applications being fueled by Matterport VR content.