Major Large Panel Suppliers Do Better in August

Innolux posted August shipments of 10.23 million large panels, up 16.5% MoM but down 2.7% YoY. This contributed to August turnover of NT$27.2 billion ($905.9 million), up 7.5% MoM and 8.7% YoY.

AU Optronics recorded shipments of 10.03 million in August, up 13.6% MoM, but down 3.4% YoY. Revenue was NT$30.14 billion ($1.0 billion), up 7% MoM and 4.1% YoY, giving year-to-date sales of NT$231.1 billion ($7.7 billion), up 11.7%.

Hannstar saw its large shipments drop 53.6% MoM and 30% YoY to 70,000 units, but the company reported August turnover of NT$2.41 billion ($80.3 million), up 14.1% MoM and 6.2% YoY.

Meanwhile CPT sold 108,000 units, down 27.5% MoM but up 71.4% YoY. The firm’s revenue was NT$3.17 billion ($105.6 million), up 11.4% MoM and 24.3% YoY, resulting in sales for the year-to-date of NT$22.63 billion ($753.8 million), up 18.4%.

Taiwan large panels table