Magnetic Converts to Glasses-Free for Professional Use

The 42″ Wildfire3D display (M3D-ALL42WF), new from Magnetic3D, features an integrated circuit board that converts glasses-based 3D to glasses-free (autostereoscopic). Additionally, the technology (WildFire3D Conversion Card) is said to simplify the process of autostereoscopic content creation.

Designed for professional use, Magnetic’s display can be used in various scenarios. For example, with software that outputs in side-by-side 3D, or content filmed in stereoscopic 3D. Magnetic says that the unit can be used with no change to a workflow.

Using a lenticular lens, the Wildfire3D screen enables nine views, with an optimal viewing distance of 2.4m – 6m. 3D viewing angles are 100 deg and 2D are 178 deg .

Unusually for today’s screens, a CCFL backlight is used, providing 500 cd/m