MagnaChip and HiDeep Inc. to Combine Advanced OLED Display and UX / UI Technologies to Create Innovative and Lower-Cost Designs

MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation (“MagnaChip” or the “Company”) (NYSE: MX), a designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products, and HiDeep Inc., a leading one stop Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions provider, which offers HMI sensor hardware, semiconductors, and software including UX and UI capabilities, announced a partnership to develop advanced OLED display capabilities for manufacturers of smartphones and other handheld consumer electronics.

MagnaChip will cooperate with HiDeep to develop enhanced HMI solutions optimized for the growing OLED display market. Specifically, MagnaChip and HiDeep will collaborate and create useful and cost-effective new HMI solutions for flexible OLED displays for top tier panel makers and smartphone OEMs. This collaboration also will extend into a variety of other applications and end markets.

MagnaChip is the leading independent provider of OLED DDICs, and benefits from long relationships with the top two display panel makers in the world. Further, more than a dozen smartphone OEMs currently use MagnaChip’s OLED DDICs in their smartphone lineups. Over the past 10 years, MagnaChip has shipped more than 400 million OLED DDICs and developed a broad portfolio of patents related to the design and manufacturing of OLED display drivers.

HiDeep is a leading provider of HMI solutions. HiDeep’s products include 2D touch solutions for on-cell flexible OLED displays for smartphones and tablets, 3D force touch solutions for smartphones and other applications, passive stylus solutions including palm-rejection capabilities for leading tablet and for educational OEMs, and active stylus solutions for tablets including the world’s first single chip solution to support MPP2.0 and USI 1.0 protocols. HiDeep is one of the few vendors worldwide to have shipped in volume 3D force touch solutions to leading Android smartphone OEMs. HiDeep has developed a large IP portfolio across all its solutions.

“Smartphones featuring OLED displays are expected by industry forecasters to account for about half of the market by 2021, and that growth from about 30% in 2018 will provide development opportunities for our partnership with HiDeep,” said YJ Kim, Chief Executive Officer of MagnaChip. “For example, HiDeep is a provider of HMI Technology for smartphones and we believe HiDeep’s advanced IC technology can work with our leading DDIC technology to create interesting new human machine interface capabilities for OLED displays.”

About HiDeep Inc.

HiDeep, Inc., founded in April 2010, is a leading one stop HMI solutions provider, which offers HMI sensor hardware, semiconductors, and software including UX and UI capabilities, for smartphones and tablets. HiDeep provides a complete one-stop solution for Android smartphone OEMs to easily integrate HiDeep’s game-changing 3D force touch technology into their products. HiDeep’s offerings include 2D/3D controller chips integrated with patented algorithms, capacitive sensors to detect pressure levels, and comprehensive design & production expertise.

About MagnaChip Semiconductor

MagnaChip is a designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor platform solutions for communications, IoT, consumer, industrial and automotive applications. The company’s Standard Products Group and Foundry Services Group provide a broad range of standard products and manufacturing services to customers worldwide. MagnaChip, with about 40 years of operating history, owns a portfolio of approximately 3,000 registered patents and pending applications, and has extensive engineering, design and manufacturing process expertise. For more information, please visit

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