Light Polymers Removes Steps From Coating Production

US-based Light Polymers has developed a lyotropic liquid crystal material that can be used for coating LCD and OLED displays. The material, CF001, has flat dispersion of retardation and can be used for compensation films.

Flat dispersion of retardation reduces the colour tint of the film when viewed from off angles. Normal compensation films lend a bluish tint, writes Light Polymers; the compensation quality of these films is most noticeable in dark areas of an image. Flat dispersion films like Light Polymers’ are more grey.

CF001 can be coated directly onto display glass or film substrate, such as TAC or PMMA. A secondary adjustment process, such as photoalignment, is not required. The ability to be coated on both plastic film substrates and glass sets CF001 apart from similar materials, says technical product manager Sergey Fedotov.

Light Polymers is currently qualifying coating equipment manufacturers for implementing lyotropic LC materials in production. The coating methods are slot die and microgravure for roll-to-roll coatings and slit coating for coatings on glass.

CF001 will be shown at SID Display Week in June.