LG Rejoins Windows Phone Market

LG has joined the Windows Phone crowd with a budget smartphone called the Lancet, which is a Verizon-exclusive at US launch. As a Verizon model, the phone’s stand-out feature is the ability to use the network’s Advanced Calling 1.0 service, which is said to provide higher-quality audio by using a cellular network for voice calls.

The Lancet is a 4.5″ (854 x 480) phone running Windows Phone 8.1 on a 1.2GHz quad-core processor. It has 8GB of storage, a 2,100mAh battery and an 8MP rear camera.

Verizon is selling the phone now, for $120 off contract.

Analyst Comment

Back in 2013, LG withdrew from Windows Phone production, saying that it would only begin again ‘when there’s a significant market’. Have we reached that point? The best that can really be said for WP’s market share at the moment is that it’s higher than Blackberry’s, but Windows 10 is predicted to give the OS a much-needed boost. (TA)