LG Display Tells OEMs: Ready to Mass Produce Gaming OLED Panels with Switchable Refresh Rates

LG Display has started mass production of a new 31.5-inch OLED gaming panel that allows users to switch between high refresh rates and high resolutions. This panel features the company’s own Dynamic Frequency & Resolution (DFR) technology, enabling a choice between a Full HD mode at 480Hz for fast-paced gaming and an Ultra High Definition mode at 240Hz for quality video content.

Source: LG Display

The panel also includes the latest LG Display innovations like META Technology 2.0, which uses a Micro Lens Array (MLA) to enhance light emission and image quality. Another feature is the Thin Actuator Sound technology, which produces sound directly from the screen, removing the need for external speakers. LG boasts it has the fastest response time on the market at 0.03ms.

LG Display plans to supply these panels to global gaming gear brands, starting with LG Electronics. The product range will cover various sizes from 27 to 45 inches.