LG Constructing New OLED Plant

ETNews is reporting that LG Display is constructing a new OLED fabrication plant (P10) with a planned finish by Q2 2018, although it is likely that mass production will take a bit longer to fully ramp. The P10 will produce both mid-sized flexible OLED and large-sized OLED TV panels.

LGD’s original plan for the plant was to build a Gen-9 line for OLED TV production first but these plans have changed. Now LGD is considering an even larger Gen-10 substrate and is working with Korean OLED deposition equipment maker YAS to develop the required equipment.

YAS supplied LGD with Gen-8 equipment for its current OLED TV lines. LGD says that the company will make its final decision on the Gen-10 line during the first half of 2017.

Analyst Comment

A spokesperson for LG Display said that a final decision will be taken in the first half of this year, but has not yet been made, although the development of deposition equipment was confirmed. (BR)