LG Aims at B2B Transition With OLED Next Year

An unnamed LG Electronics executive has apparently told the Korea Times that the company will launch OLED digital signage products next year.

The official is quoted as saying, “LG Electronics will launch a full-fledged effort in the OLED digital signs business starting next year… We plan to gradually expand our boost to [a] wider product portfolio starting from large signs installed at public places such as international airports”.

According to the source, LG believes that most of the problems with OLED yield rate and durability have been solved.

Analyst Comment

Despite the source’s assertion that OLED’s durability issues have been solved, we cannot really know this until displays have been in use for several years. OLED TVs are still too new to show such signs of wear.

OLED displays, at least first-gen units, are particularly vulnerable to loss of colour and brightness as they age, due to the quick degradation of blue sub-pixels. This would occur much faster in digital signage, where displays are often used for 12 or more hours, non-stop. (TA)