Lenovo Solves Small-Screen Smartwatch Issue

The Lenovo Tech World held an unexpected but not unwelcome surprise, in the form of a dual-screen smartwatch concept: the Magic View. This product features the regular watchface and a small, near-eye display (‘Virtual Interactive Display) that is in the strap and that can only be seen when raising the watch to eye level. The ‘screen’ is perceived as 20 times larger than the regular display. It can also act like a VR system, reacting to the wearer’s movements.

Analyst Comment

Lenovo, of course, owns Motorola, so the look similar to the Moto is no surprise. This is a cool idea, but just trying the idea of raising up my watch to my eye has shown me the problem with the idea – it’s not very comfortable, and certainly not something you’d want to do for more than a few seconds. Now, if there was an optical system that could allow it to be viewed at more of a distance…..(BR)