Lenovo Gets Tiny

Lenovo was a bit frustrated at the show. The company had held a press event on the Thursday, but because of the Intel keynote on Friday, could not announce that new systems used the Core M processor (see our story on Intel).

The first product that we looked at was the “Tiny-in-one” a “One Litre” PC that is designed to fit into the back of a 23″ monitor to create an “all in one”. This is, effectively, a recognition by Lenovo that although corporates like the idea of All-in-ones from a design and form factor point of view, the refresh cycles are different, so users will often want to upgrade the PC, even though they are quite happy with the display. The Tiny-in-one is also suitable for below the desk mounting.

The 11.6″ Thinkpad Helix, shown at the Intel keynote (more details in that story), has an 11.6″ FullHD display with Gorilla glass. The Helix has five modes, as its predecessor did, but it uses the Intel Core M chip. Lenovo quoted a price of around $999.

The Flex 2 Pro is a convertible notebook and Lenovo says it is “the thinnest 15in consumer laptop yet”. The display is a 15.6″ IPS FHD unit that supports 10-point multi-touch. Graphics come from Nvidia GeForce GT840M with 4GB graphics and the PC has an eight hour battery life. It’s due in September with models starting at $699 (