LED Signage Installed at the Barbican in London

Christie has installed its Direct View LED display above the Silk Street entrance of London’s Barbican, Europe’s largest arts and conference centre.

The new display is made up of 28 LED modules in a 14 × 2 matrix and currently displays a welcome message, with an image of the London skyline taken from the top of the Cromwell Tower, situated within the Barbican estate. Going forward, the Barbican’s in-house marketing team will be creating unique content for the display, which utilises Christie’s Pandoras Box Mediaplayer.

James Belso, Senior Sales Manager at Christie said,

“The Barbican is an absolutely iconic venue and also a listed building. However, the team wanted to give the Silk Street entrance much more identity to guide visitors and grab people’s attention.

Direct LED technology was pretty much the only practical solution to cope with the high ambient daylight and long runtimes. The install provided some challenges. For example, as a listed building, no major changes could be made to the building without the necessary planning permission, which the Barbican were granted by the City of London”.

Analyst Comment

Christie has been working with the Barbican for some time on a number of projects. (Christie To Work with Barbican Centre, Shakespeare’s The Tempest is Using Virtual Characters)(BR)