LCD TV Panel Prices Surge While Industry Eyes Potential Oversupply

Following a post-pandemic dip in prices that bottomed out in September 2022, the LCD TV panel market has since seen a noteworthy rebound says Bob O’Brien at DSCC. Prices began modest gains in Q4’22 and Q1’23, with sharper rises from April 2023. By the second quarter, prices surged an average of 15.3%, with Q3 expected to jump 14.6%.

LCD TV panel prices January 2022 – December 2023. (Source: DSCC)

Notably, the 65” TV panels had a 25% price increase in Q2. In contrast, Q3 showcased a balanced price growth among sizes ranging from 32” to 65”, with the 75” panels seeing a smaller hike. In area-based pricing, 43” panels now stand at the lowest, at $129 per square meter, while the 32” panels are at $135. The larger 85” panels, while premium-priced at $183 per square meter, have seen their premium decrease over the past year. While these price hikes have buoyed panel makers such as LGD, AUO, and Innolux, profitability is still a challenge. With the industry’s capacity surpassing demand and a potential supply glut in Q4, market analysts anticipate a possible price decline as the year closes.