Lawsuits Filed Against Apple After iPhone Slowdown Admission

Apple is facing legal action after its recent admission that modern software updates have purposefully slowed down older iPhone models. Apple said that this was done to preserve battery life.

The iPhone 7, released last year, saw a performance reduction as of iOS 11.2.

Experts have argued that the slowing of older devices is ultimately in the consumer’s best interest, but many have stated that Apple’s lack of transparency over the matter, and taking a choice of such importance away from the user, has shone an off-colour light on the situation.

Now, two groups of iPhone users in California and Chicago have filed class-action lawsuits against Apple, claiming “economic damage”. In a statement, James Vlahakis, of the Sulaiman Law Group, said:

“Apple’s failure to inform consumers these updates would wreak havoc on the phone’s performance is being deemed purposeful and if proven, constitutes the unlawful and decisive withholding of material information”.