Launch schedule: Next Generation TCO Certified

This year, we’re launching the Next Generation TCO Certified. Beginning in late March, we’ll be releasing draft versions of new and updated criteria.

TCO Certified is developed continually in an open process, including dialog with multiple stakeholders, resulting in a new generation every three years.

This rapid pace is essential for driving social and environmental responsibility in IT products and their supply chains. For a certification to have an impact, criteria have to be in line with new technologies and sustainability challenges.

Opportunity to comment on draft criteria

Beginning March 22, we will release draft criteria and make these available for stakeholder comment until May 31. During this period, drafts for all eight product categories will be released.

Following the comment period, we’ll evaluate all feedback and make any necessary adjustments to the criteria and verification methods, before publishing the new generation in September. At that time, we’ll invite industry to apply for product certification.

In December, the first products certified to the new generation of TCO Certified will be announced.

Upcoming dates to watch

  • March 22-May 31: Draft criteria open for comment
  • March and April: Draft presented in workshops and webinars
  • September: Final Next Generation criteria published and open for product pre-testing
  • December: Launch New Generation TCO Certified. Announcement of first certified products

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