Large iPad Rumour Springs Back to Life

There have been multiple claims of a 12″+ iPad, beginning last summer (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 31) but disappearing late last year. Now, Bloomberg has revived the rumour mill, saying that preparations are underway for a 12.9″ tablet. The iPad will apparently be released early next year.

Analyst Comment

We trust Bloomberg a little more than the Asian sources where the rumours first appeared, but it’s had its share of off-the-mark claims before.

Tablet sales fell in several key markets last quarter – Apple’s were down 9.3% (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 30). Tim Cook spoke out recently, calling the decline “a speed bump”, which has been seen in every category. That’s not to say that innovation isn’t needed, Mr. Cook! A larger tablet might help, but if it just does the same as every other iPad – on a larger scale – it’s hard to see where the appeal lies. (TA)